Giving back to the community is a big part of Beauty Scout’s brand values. It is fueled by our desire to pay it forward, with the thought that small good deeds ripple through and potentially touch the lives of many in the process.

At Beauty Scout, every product or service you buy or avail of can impact someone’s life. A small percentage of your purchase will be donated to these chosen organizations. You can learn more about the charities and foundations we currently support below.


There are about 170,000 children and young adults all over the world who suffer from a cleft lip or palate. Left untreated, these children are often faced with dental, speech, and hearing problems and in some cases, become malnourished. Bright Faces seeks out young people in remote areas who are afflicted with this condition to provide for their surgical needs in an effort to give them a chance at a normal life and fulfill their greatest potential.

The organization has so far conducted over 5000 surgeries all over the world with an additional 1500 surgeries planned for this year. Through these efforts, Bright Faces can provide children the bright smiles they deserve.


Formerly known as the Visayan Forum Foundation, Voice of The Free is a nongovernment organization that addresses issues involved with modern-day slavery, like human-trafficking and worker exploitation. The organization tracks known trafficking routes and partners with local authorities to effectively intercept these victims. They then provide residential care and community programs to these individuals to help empower and guard themselves against new forms of illegal recruitment.

Through their strong social movements and partnerships, Voice of The Free ultimately hopes to break the vicious cycle of exploitation and vulnerability.


For 20 years, The ICANSERVE Foundation has partnered with local government units and organizations in promoting early breast cancer detection, access to accurate diagnosis, and timely treatment. Both breast cancer survivors and volunteers alike make up the organization, and each one understands this unique plight of women.

The Foundation is also a founding member of the Cancer Coalition of the Philippines and is vital in lobby efforts to get the Cancer Law—the first in Southeast Asia—passed in Congress this 2019. Among their other firsts include conducting the first summit for breast cancer survivors in the Philippines as well as publishing the first resource guide book on the topic.


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